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IT outsourcing: when outsourcing has its advantages
tnsolutionstnsolutions 13 Sep 2019 IT Support
What is outsourcing? Nowadays, outsourcing is increasingly used in different business sectors around the world. Any company, even small ones, can outsource. What does outsourcing mean for companies? Outsourcing, or outsourcing a resource, means entrusting processes, tasks or internal projects to external service providers. The invention of this word dates back to the eighteenth century, in Italy it began to assert itself as an outsourcing towards the 80s when many agencies realized that it was necessary to invest and concentrate on the core business, simplifying business management. ...

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RAID level 0, 1, 5, 6 and 10: the choice of correct raid
tnsolutionstnsolutions 05 Jun 2019 IT Support
Raid level: what is it and how does it work? It allows to improve system performance and increase the security level of data storage, it’s RAID, not the famous anti-insect spray, but the acronym of Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disk (redundant set of independent disks). A method to manage data securely thanks to the use of two or more hard disks in parallel. By saving the same data on multiple disks, I/O operations (Input / Output) can overlap, thus ensuring an improvement in the performance of the system.There are different RAID levels, each optimized for a specific situation. It w...

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How to clear cache on a PC
tnsolutionstnsolutions 04 Jun 2019 IT Support
Clear cache and all data from Explorer, Chrome, Edge and memory A common problem, when surfing the internet, is the display of outdated webpages; most of the time, in fact, not only the browser is slower but you are having difficulties also in viewing the changes just made.Don’t panic! To overcome this problem that’s enough to clear the cache therefore forcing the program to download the latest versions of the most frequently visited web sites. What is the cache? The browser cache is a software or hardware component that isn’t immediately visible to the user which is used to st...
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