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PC, Notebook and Server Repair

T&N Solutions offers the following Multibrand Hardware Repair and Upgrade services.


T&N Solutions offers hardware support services ensuring complete support on fixed and portable PCs, Notebooks and Servers. Technical interventions consist of repairs and replacements quickly and at very affordable prices.

PORTABLE PC REPAIR Support and repair of multi-brand notebooks

If your laptop is slow, does not turn on or does not work properly please contact us. T&N Solutions is also a specialized multi-brand Notebook service center. It performs hardware repairs resolving any type of failure on notebooks, motherboards, video cards, mainboards, displays, screens, monitors, hard disks, motherboards, motherboards, memories, cables, power supplies, etc. In our laboratory we carry out all the operations able to restore the full functionality of the laptop, expand its capacity and improve its performance. Request a free quote.

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Riparazione portatili
NOTEBOOK LCD REPLACEMENT Quick replacement, spare parts

T&N Solutions also provides assistance for the repair or replacement of the display for notebooks of all brands (Acer, Samsung, Toshiba, Apple, Sony Vaio, Hp, Asus, Fujitsu, Siemens, Lenovo) whether it is broken glass, white spots or black or diagonal / jagged lines both vertical and horizontal. Take your broken notebook to our lab and request a free quote

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Sostituzione LCD
HD REPAIR AND SUPPLY FOR PORTABLE PC Data recovery, repair or replacement of 2.5-inch hard drives

T&N Solutions provides companies, but also individuals, with a professional and secure service for recovering data from damaged, deleted, lost or illegible hard drives. Our laboratory has state-of-the-art equipment that allows our staff to intervene on any model and type of hard disk, old and new generation, capacity, interface. Contact one of our specialists to find the solution that best suits your problem

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Riparazione e fornitura hard disk
FIXED PC REPAIR Fault finding multi-brand fixed PCs

The PC does not turn on anymore? Overheat too much? Has it become slow, freezes or restarts continuously? T&N Solutions provides you with the best computer technicians for the repair / maintenance of your desktop computer. Thanks to our expertise in PC repairs and constant updating on the latest industry news, our staff will be able to quickly diagnose and resolve any problem. Availability also at home.

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Riparazione pc fissi
HARD DISK REPLACEMENT FOR FIXED PC Data recovery, repair or replacement 3.5-inch hard drive

Did you break your PC's hard drive and don't know how to repair or replace it? T&N Solutions, among the computer assistance activities, also deals with the repair or replacement of your hard disk by examining and resolving the reason for the failure. Through an accurate diagnosis of the hard disk our qualified staff will be able to establish the type of intervention necessary for the recovery of the disk and the subsequent data recovery.

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Sostituzione hard disk
POWER SUPPLIES Power supply replacement for fixed PCs

In case of malfunction or breakage of your power supply, T&N Solutions repairs and / or replaces the component. Our technicians have innovative instruments that can quickly repair any device.

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Sostituzione alimentatori

T&N Solutions has specific tools and equipment that can analyze defects and malfunctions of motherboards. Our qualified technicians also carry out repairs on the electronic components: CPU, RAM, video cards, power supplies.

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Sostituzione componenti
SERVER REPAIR SERVICES Replacement motherboard and electronic components

In the event of server problems or malfunctions, T&N Solutions intervenes quickly and effectively, giving the opportunity to resume their work as soon as possible. Our specialized technicians will know how to intervene by implementing specific strategies and recovery methods suited to the problem and the cause of the damage.

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Riparazione server
RAID AND HD CONTROLLER REPLACEMENT Replacing raid controller and hard disk server

T&N Solutions also has experience in recovering data from more complex systems like RAID 0/5/10 with corrupted partitions or damaged disks, to be replaced or rebuilt. If for various reasons your data saved on RAID / NAS systems are no longer available, the RAID reconstruction related to the configuration of your hard disks does not work or a disk is broken it is necessary to intervene. T&N Solutions offers the best RAID data recovery and data recovery solutions from NAS regardless of the number and type of media, the technology used, the scheme used, the operating system (Windows server, Linux or others) and the causes that caused the loss of RAID or NAS system data.

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Sostituzione controller
SERVER POWER SUPPLY REPLACEMENT Replacing power supplies for server PCs

Over time, a power supply is no longer able to guarantee the same Watt capacity it guaranteed at the beginning. To avoid unpleasant problems, T&N Solutions intervenes quickly by removing or replacing your power supply.

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Sostituzione alimentatori server
HARDWARE SERVER UPDATE Support and hardware upgrade and PC server components

T&N Solutions deals not only with updating your PCs but also with hardware. Our qualified staff, to speed up the system and make it more responsive, can also replace hard drives, introduce SSDs, add RAM modules and replace graphics cards. Technical assistance activities to update or upgrade your PC's hardware are always carried out with the utmost professionalism to guarantee the best cost / benefit ratio.

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Aggiornamento hardware server

    T&N Solutions, thanks to the experience and continuous professional development, provides important technical support services for computer systems, engineering and technical, hardware and software, remote control and creating websites. It employs qualified staff consists of professionals with a long and proven experience in the IT industry able to meet the different customer needs with individual and safe support.

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    T&N Solutions, thanks to the experience and continuous professional updating, provides important technical assistance services for computers, systems and techniques, hardware and software, remote control and website creation. It employs qualified personnel made up of professionals with long and proven experience in the IT sector who are able to respond to the most diversified customer needs with precise and safe interventions.

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