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Linux system Support

T&N Solutions offers the following support services and Installation Windows and Linux Server




Debian is an open-source operating system with GNU license; DATED, solid, permanent and suitable for everyone (even for novice users). It contains over 30.000 installable software packages to choose according to its own personal needs.


Ubuntu is a complete operating system, available for FREE, based on Linux Debian. Ubuntu and Ubuntu Server are focused on the user and ease of use, focused on the use of desktop and terminal paying great attention to hardware support.


Red Hat is the most common among Linux distributions due to the number of developers, business support, ease of installation, configuration and use. The package management is based on RPM, the system developed by the same Red Hat and placed under the GPL.


MySQL is the most popular and used open source database in the world. It is a RDMS (Relational DataBase Management System), a database management system with fast performance, high reliability and ease of use that enables the creation of dynamic Web sites and applications. MySQL deals with the structuring and management of data not in a huge store-room but at different tables in order to expedite access, modification and the introduction of new elements. It used for the basic configuration of many CMS (Content Management System), including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento.


The File Server service enables communication sharing in a controlled and effective resource on your network both Windows and Linux and Apple. T&N Solutions ensures a full service provision and management of Samba based server systems, one of the strongest Linux file servers currently available for network environments. Samba is a free software that is available at no cost and no license restriction on the number of workstations. It will allow you to access files and printers, or to share folders on a Linux server, like a Microsoft server. It can also be configured to work as a domain or be coupled to an existing domain.


Apache is the web server open source, completely free, the most popular on the Internet: robust, secure, powerful, feature-rich mainly thanks to the availability of a large number of additional modules that can meet every need. Born to Linux Systems, but for some time are also available versions for Windows. What is Apache used for? For companies that have dedicated web servers with very high workloads; but also the private client or small company who wants to turn an ordinary PC into a web server, web-based, e-commerce, management, etc. T&N Solutions meets your needs by designing and building Lamp Systems that provide for the publication of computer resources in safe mode both in the physical environment in Cloud. A LAMP Server, commonly called Webserver, is the installation of software for viewing web pages and dynamic database management. This programming environment contains everything needed to build great web applications, starting respectively from the web server (Apache), from server database (MySQL) and ending with the programming language (PHP). T&N Solutions develops Web sites for companies and traders and is dedicated to the design and implementation of the Lamp System.


To reduce business costs T&N Solutions offers also email server migration services in the Cloud environment, optimizing the management of the users, the performance of e-mail services and reliability of cloud server services. Currently present in almost all Linux distributions, Postfix, one of the most popular programs for managing and receiving e-mail messages able to use the most modern mail protocols (POP3 and IMAP) for sharing and management of the archives of email.

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To secure any modern company network, it’s essential to set up a good network firewall.
Most Linux distributions rely on Iptables, one of the best firewalls currently available for Linux environments, to ensure network communications security. Iptables allows, through the creation of rules, to have a protection for the filtering of Internet traffic (incoming and outgoing) of the local Lan network and guarantees an excellent level of security if properly configured.
T&N Solutions, specialized in the installation and custom configuration of new generation firewall systems (UTM), is able to simplify security and satisfy the different needs of any type of company. In addition to the use of Iptables on each firewall configured by T & N Solutions, the best technologies for the defense of corporate IT systems, IDS, OpenVPN Proxy, anti SPAM at the network level and antivirus systems are integrated.

T&N Solutions, thanks to the experience and continuous professional development, provides important technical support services for computer systems, engineering and technical, hardware and software, remote control and creating websites. It employs qualified staff consists of professionals with a long and proven experience in the IT industry able to meet the different customer needs with individual and safe support.

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T&N Solutions, thanks to the experience and continuous professional updating, provides important technical assistance services for computers, systems and techniques, hardware and software, remote control and website creation. It employs qualified personnel made up of professionals with long and proven experience in the IT sector who are able to respond to the most diversified customer needs with precise and safe interventions.

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