Cyber security alert

Following the recent (and tragic) international events and especially in relation to the current war between Russia and Ukraine, the ACN (National Cybersecurity Agency) and the CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) have issued a statement in which they invite to keep high the attention regarding cyber security.

Textually, “is strongly renewed the recommendation to adopt high cyber defense measures and maximum internal controls for the protection of their own digital infrastructures”

In the last days, the CSIRT had published a note regarding the discovery of HermeticWiper, a new malware with potentially devastating aspects that could also be used in our country.

“It appears to have been distributed a “wiper” type of malware – called HermeticWiper (alias KillDisk.NCV) – whose peculiarities consist in intentionally destroying the data on a device in order to make them unrecoverable, undermining the correct functioning of the running operating system” .

Researchers have also highlighted new and recent malicious activity on well-known instant messaging platforms “in order to distribute links to resources containing malicious files”.

Risks and Countermeasures

It has already happened several times that during times of war or socio-political tensions and crises, software and malware are developed with the aim of creating and exploiting computer failures; and it wouldn’t even be the first time that these virus also spread to countries outside the conflict.

For these reasons it is good not to underestimate the situation and, especially at a company level, to be as scrupulous as possible in terms of cyber security to avoid the risk of loss or theft of sensitive data and to avoid other equally unpleasant and damage situations.

  • n-depth analysis of the network,
  • firewall update,
  • constant virus scans,
  • increase in monitoring and logging activities,
  • frequent backups,
  • verification of connections,
  • account and access control,
  • traffic monitoring…

…These are just some of the precautions to be taken to protect yourself from possible hacker attacks and to avoid similar problems.

The solution just a click away

Those described previously are just some of the security measures by which we protect the networks and equipment of our customers; for more information on the subject or for IT consulting, T&N Solutions technicians are always available calling 02-9517550.